SOLEDAD AZNAR opened StaDemonia Tattoo Barcelona together with Sara Swanson in 2005, since 2017 in Stockholm. Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. They like working old school, blackwork and ornamental tattoos. If you want to know more or get tattooed by Soledad, write to!

SARA SWANSON opened StaDemonia Tattoo Barcelona together with Soledad Aznar in 2005, since 2017 in Stockholm. She likes best working oldschool and blackwork. Initiated the first Queer Art Fest Stockholm in 2019. Do you want to know more or get tattooed by Sara write to!

ALEX CFOURPO works with us full time since 2019, but an artist you already saw at StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm from the beginning in different collaborations! They focus mainly on blackwork tattooing with organic, ornamental, nature motifs -with a lot of details and high focus on precision. Do you want to get tattooed by Alex write to!

LEÓN HALLDÉN works with us at  StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm since moving to Slipgatan 9 this November. They like to tattoo plants, animals, mythological creatures in blackwork, dotwork, detailed tattoos. Do you want to know more or get tattooed by León write to!

JAZZ SARGENT AZNAR works as apprentice with us at  StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm. Always remember it is cheaper to get tattooed by an apprentice, but also comes with what it means to be learning. If you want a tattoo by Jazz, write them directly through instagram @kushytattoos!