WELCOME  to Swedens first Queer Tattoo Expo! Saturday May 13th StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm invites you to experience tattooing, performance, art expo, social cafe/bar at Blivande by Frihamnen, Stockholm. The program might change some so keep updated while we get closer here or at Insta / Faceb. Some tattooers will take bookings, some only drop-in. Contact the artist you are interested in directly with your questions!
Queer Tattoo Expo will be free to visit day time 13-18 hs. From 18-02 the entrance will be 150 kr, more info regarding how to get your ticket soon!
We are now looking for volonteers! If you are interested or want to know more, please write tu us queertattooexposthlm@gmail.com!

-Cee Burgundy @cee_burgundy (Netherlands)
-Faith Phillips @americanflesh (USA)
-German Ferreiroa @gerfer_tattoo (Argentina/Irland)
-Talvi Baldassini @tali_baal_tattoo (Italy/Finland)
-Kai Knowfolly @knowfolly.artclub (Canada)
-Uve the Kid @uvethekid (Spain)
-Shia @shia_mcshia (Russia/Georgia)
-Bahio Diaz @bahio.ttt (Argentina)
-Leon Halldén @skogsprins (Sweden)
-Jazz Sargent Aznar @kushytattoos (Spain/Sweden)
-Ezra Valentin @soft.demon (Sweden)
-Bigboy @bigboy.247 (Sweden)
-Flamenco Queer @flamencoqueer (Queer Flamenco trio based in Barcelona)
-Uroish @uroish_official (Iranian Swedish electropop)
Isaac Flores @is0ac (Barcelona)
Rudy Loewe @rudyloewe (London)
Edith Hammar @elmhammar (Helsinki)
Bild: Sara Swanson @sara_sta.demonia_tattoo

Accessibility at Blivande soon!


With support from Kulturrådet, in collaboration with ABF Stockholm.

The EP ‘Goodbye Party’ is named after the sort of parties that UROISH’ own Bahareh Razekh attended on numerous occasions in Iran during the 1980’s. – They told us that it was a celebration for the ones who was going to travel, but in reality, it...

”Flamenco Queer” was born in October 2019 as a result of the work of London-born guitarist Jero Férec and dancer Rubén Heras from Badalona. Rubén and Jero explore traditional flamenco using identity and inclusion as their starting point. Inspired by the confluence of queer and...

I’m Bahío, a trans boy from Buenos Aires. I make tender, dark and powerful drawings. My work is in a constant transition process. I believe in the healing power of the tattoo. I also like to make and intervene in clothes.   Soy Bahío, un trans boy de Buenos Aires. Hago...

When one comes across a self-portrait of Isaac Flores — something that’s not likely, since he prefers to photograph others rather than himself — it looks as if he could be at any big party in an emerging city in Eastern Europe. But no: The...

Ms. Faith, The Great Mother. Gender Terrorist, Anarchist. Foto of Faith: Otter Kegler   StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm invites you to Swedens first Queer Tattoo Expo! Saturday May 13th Blivande by Frihamnen, Stockholm, will be filled with tattooing, performance, art expo, social cafe/bar! The program might change so keep updated while we...

Rudy Loewe is an artist visualising black histories and social politics through painting, drawing and text. They are currently undertaking a practice-based PhD critiquing Britain’s role in suppressing Caribbean Black Power movements during the 1960s and 70s. Rudy will expose their art with live painting at...

Uve the Kid is a Barcelona based queer tattooer who enjoys working in small formats, mainly in black but also with splashes of color here and there. Depicting queerness and cuteness with, sometimes, a bit of kink is what Uve like best! StaDemonia bjuder in till...

Shia is an artist from Russia, nowadays based in Georgia where they is creating an open safe space for tattoo and other visual arts which soon become a hub for friends and other artists from around the world who have the same perspective on ethic...

Edith has drawn and illustrated queer dreams for more than 10 years. In 2020, they debuted with the serial novel Homo Line and since 2022 has, among other things, represented in Moderna Museet's collection. Edith's pictures invite the viewer into a highly detailed and sometimes...

German Ferreiroa AKA GerFer Tattoo, has been tattooing for over 15 years and is based in Dublin, Ireland. Originally known for his interpretations of old school designs he has carved his own path in the tattoo industry with his niche queer tattoos that have gained him...

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