En svängig regnbåge kommer ut ur tredje ögat på en old school dödskalle.

Our Life Saving Links do not always have to do with tattoos, almost not at all, but everything is connected. Here you will find people/groups who work with art, politics, important matters about queer life, love and friendship. If you think we missed something, write to sara@stademonia.com!

En knuten näve i regnbågsfärger mot svart bakgrund med texten Black.

Black Queers Sweden

Black Queers Sweden is the feminist and anti-racist black queer movement and independent organization! The first independent movement by and for Black Queers!

Texten Trans Fest Stockholm över en lilarödgul himmel med sommarmoln.

Trans Fest Stockholm

Trans Fest Stockholm started in 2015 as a film festival in connection with Trans Day of Remembrance. Over time, the movement has grown and in addition to film festivals, other fun and important Trans Fest activities are also organized!


Garmeres is an organization that works for the rights, opportunities and visibility of queer Sami throughout Sápmi – by and for queer Sami!

Sápmi Pride

Sápmi Pride, a festival for and by queer sami that has been organized annually since 2014!


Transammans is an association for transgender people and relatives. Coffee meetings, conversation groups and much more!


Q-Studion is a podcast that puts the queer and anti-racist eye on culture, society, history and everyday life.

Rainbow Refugees Sweden

Rainbow Refugees Sweden provides support to you who are asylum seeker or who have fled persecution because of your sexuality, gender identity or expression.

Kontext Press

Kontext Press is a platform for thoughtful journalism and critical entertainment since 2019.

CinemaQueers logga där A och Q möts i ett anarkiskt A.


CinemaQueer is Sweden’s largest international Queer Film Festival which is held annually in Stockholm. They also offer normbreaking school cinema for children and young people!

Queer Art Fest Stockholm

Queer Art Fest Sthlm is an art festival by queers for queers; music, performance, tattoo, art, film, conversation …!

Etown Queer Fest

Etown Queer Fest is a festival by queers for queers, without alcohol and you donat have to put up with pinkwash!


Reclaim Pride

Reclaim Pride is an anti-capitalist movement by queers, for queers. A place where large companies, political parties, authorities and law enforcement are not allowed to set the agenda. Creates politics, panel discussions, music, art and struggle – without pinkwash.


The Swedish Archive for Queer Moving Images collects and shows queer moving images, writes Swedish history.


Queerrörelsens Arkiv och Bibliotek collects, arranges, preserves and makes available documentation and information about queer movements and people.


Queerstory is a pod and conversation archive with various LGBTQI people who have changed our lives.

I en vidöppen rosa mun med tänder kan texten Loud Grrl läsas.

Loud Grrrl Sthlm

Loud Grrrl Sthlm wants to create safe spaces where people who identify as women and non-binaries can create together. Lots of music and Pwrrrr!