Queer Tattoo Expo 2023!

WELCOME  to Swedens first Queer Tattoo Expo! Saturday May 13th StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm invites you to experience tattooing, performance, art expo, social cafe/bar at Blivande by Frihamnen, Stockholm. The program might change some so keep updated while we get closer here or at Insta / Faceb. Some tattooers will take bookings, some only drop-in. Contact the artist you are interested in directly with your questions!
Queer Tattoo Expo will be free to visit day time 13-18 hs. From 18-02 the entrance will be 150 kr. Buy your ticket here!
We are now looking for volonteers! If you are interested or want to know more, please write tu us queertattooexposthlm@gmail.com!

-Cee Burgundy @cee_burgundy (Netherlands)
-Faith Phillips @americanflesh (USA)
-German Ferreiroa @gerfer_tattoo (Argentina/Irland)
-Talvi Baldassini @tali_baal_tattoo (Italy/Finland)
-Kai Knowfolly @knowfolly.artclub (Canada)
-Uve the Kid @uvethekid (Spain)
-Shia @shia_mcshia (Russia/Georgia)
-Bahio Diaz @bahio.ttt (Argentina)
-Leon Halldén @skogsprins (Sweden)
-Jazz Sargent Aznar @kushytattoos (Spain/Sweden)
-Ezra Valentin @soft.demon (Sweden)
-Bigboy @bigboy.247 (Sweden)
-Storm Dunder @stormdunder (Live music/performance Sweden)
-Flamenco Queer @flamencoqueer (Queer Flamenco trio based in Barcelona)
-Uroish @uroish_official (Iranian Swedish electropop)
Isaac Flores @is0ac (Barcelona)
Rudy Loewe @rudyloewe (London)
Edith Hammar @elmhammar (Helsinki)


14.00 Workshop Alex Cfourpo -more info soon!
16.00 Tattoo History with Helena Meyer, more info!
Image: Sara Swanson @sara_sta.demonia_tattoo

Accessibility at Blivande soon!


With support from Kulturrådet, in collaboration with ABF Stockholm.