Helena Meyer -Talk about tattoo history at Queer Tattoo Expo!

Helena Meyer is a Swedish journalist, tattoo historian and author of the upcoming book Tatuering – fakta, myter, historia och framtid (Tattooing – facts, myths, history, and future), a collection of essays about tattooing. The book contains both facts and theories and tries to ponder over when we first started to tattoo, and how tattooing will be done in the future. 

With the help of articles from Swedish newspapers from two centuries, archival material and old debates in criminology, Helena sheds new light over the history of tattooing.  

What if all that you heard about tattooing and the person tattooed is a myth? 

In addition to this, the book contains a chapter about tattooing in popular culture and literature. Arthur Conan Doyle and Franz Kafka as well as Stieg Larssons famous Lisbeth Salander, Harry Potter, and Star Wars. 

Helena has a Bachelor of arts in History and is currently studying for a master’s degree.