Queer Konst/ Dan Dansen!

Genderbashing -photo series by Dan Dansen! At StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm until late november!
Genderbashing is an ongoing photographic series that portrays women, lesbians, trans, non- binary, inter or agender persons as ferce practtoners of martal arts. Dan Dansen, as a non-binary person and martal arts practtoner themselves gives intmate insights in the perspectves of the portrayed persons, including themselves.
The project juxtaposes an everyday portrait of each person with a highly stylized martal arts portrait to encourage us to queston the inner images we have about people when meetng in everyday life.
The series Genderbashing has been ongoing now since 2019 and has been nominated for the “Advancement Award Young Art” in 2019. Usually the portraits are a bit larger than life as it portraits marginalized people. For the show at Sta Demonia the size of the images is adapted to the size of the space. The show at Sta Demonia is the frst show abroad.
Dan Dansen is fascinated by the fact that everyday moments reveal the contradictons of our lives – if we look closely. They are a Berlin-based non-binary flmmaker and artst working with experiments, documentary and fcton. They are also a dedicated gardener, love thinking outside of the box and are devoted to integrate joy as a politcal strategy.
They work on queer issues, analysis of society and utopian perspectves. Their flms have been screened on festvals worldwide, in Venezuela, Australia, Russia, Bangladesh, Mexico, Korea, Japan and the USA amongst others. Their latest feature Crisis Is Always premiered at Hof Internatonal Film Festval in 2020 and has been nominated for the New German Cinema Award.
Their photographic works have been shown at insttutons like Museum of Photography Berlin and at community spaces like 48h Neukölln Berlin or Gallery NEON KUNST Berlin alike, because they deeply believe in the power of the transformatonal and community building practce of art.
Dan draws inspiraton from encounters with art that is experimental in form and content, reaches deeply and queers our perspectves.
This year they are working on their first solo-performance.
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In colaboration with ABF Stockholm