Queer Konst /Del LaGrace Volcano

Välkomna på vernissage av utställningen
GENDER OPTIONAL: PROFILES OF COURAGE av Del LaGrace Volcano på StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm 10/9 kl 18-21! Utställningen finns att se fram till 8/10.
Stockholm, Malmö, Örebro, Göteborg, Sweden 2020-2021
This project was created out of a desire to move beyond the constraints of contemporary debates around gendered identities. I believe that the labels, pronouns and words that become stuck to our bodies are far less important than what our bodies actually DO. We, who are gender dissidents, move through the world creating tiny ripples and then waves that can eventually erode or crash through the cultural edifices that keep us on the outside looking in.

All of those who are part of this project have inspired me by their willingness to disrupt social norms, including, but not limited to gender norms, regardless of the costs. These portraits are simultaneously visceral demonstrations of the many pleasures, sublime and bitter sweet, that come from being the change in the world you want to see.

Med stöd från Stockholms Stad, i samarbete med ABF Stockholm.

Tillgänglighet: Vi har tre trappsteg ner till lokalen med ramp tillgänglig och ett trappsteg upp till WC.
+Info sara@stademonia.com / 08-7556655