Collage av Motor Deseos kläder som sitter på bla tatuerare Soledad Aznar som har en väst med säkerhetsnålar och huvudet täckt av tatueringar.

Motor Deseo på Sta.Demonia Tattoo Stockholm

Nu har vi kreationer av argentinska konstnärskollektivet MOTOR DESEO till försäljning på StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm!! 🖤✨🔥 Ett exklusivt och kaotiskt samarbete mellan @liken.print.lab+@bahicho.ttt

MOTOR DESEO: To go through the experience of creating together.
To distrust the rhythm imposed by the system, of the mass production, of the speeds that cut dreams.
To dare to make something new emerge, product of the mixture of our individual diversities, to leave the tattoo to meet the embroidery, to leave the photography to meet the serigraphy, to leave the molds to create new spaces.
Joining our creative forces in the same project.
Making identity from the south of the world, from the deepest underworld, from the garbage, from freedom, from confinement.
To make identity without identity because what is expressed continuously asks for change.
To inject vital energy into the old and beloved ”do it yourself”.
Vibrant images of desire, of life, of emotion.
Fabrics capable of breaking the rules.
Clothings that want to communicate, that want to cross borders,
that want to give strength from the heart to those who wear them.
Clothings that want to be objects that fill the wearer with magic.
Do it yourself that means do yourself.