Foto av queer konstnär Lo River Lööf. En person flyter under vatten med shorts och T-shirt, med ryggen mot oss och ljus strilandes genom vattnet.

Queer Konst / Lo River Lööf

Välkomna på nästa vernissage i serien Queer Konst på StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm 10/12 kl 18-21; fotografier av Lo River Lööf! Förutom konst bjuder vi på fint häng och lite gott, ses snart!
Lo River Lööf – den/they- is a Stockholm based artist that mostly works with photography.
They are trans and queer.
Their work usually spring from their own experiences and moves between self portraits and portraits, finding balans in a spectrums of emotions in the people they are portraying.
Their practice is some kind of documentary photography mostly focusing on portrait, portrait-stories of queer and trans* people.
They love tender, close/intimate meetings where they together with the person will create a safe place to develop the portrait.
In their process it’s very important for them that the model/person feel respected and comfortable. And that they are being portrayed align with how they feel/identify.
Tillgänglighet: Vi har tre trappsteg ner till lokalen med ramp tillgänglig och ett trappsteg upp till WC.
+Info / 08-7556655
Med stöd från Stockholms Stad, i samarbete med ABF Stockholm.